Allegra Carasso was born in Athens, Greece.

During her life she lived in different countries: Greece, U.S.A., Israel, Switzerland and Italy, acquiring thus a cosmopolitan attitude.

She attended the art school in Bern (Switzerland) with Miro Sindelar, Luciano Spanio and Rudy Lanz.

Masters and friends extremely important for her education, they taught her not only the tecnique but also the philosopy of "painting". Many years ago she came with them in Italy with the aim of painting Tuscany, and she  was fascinated by the places, colours and landscapes she found.


Eighteen years ago she set in Casole d'Elsa, raptured by the beauty of this little town and by the hospitality of the people.

In Casole she attended the art school of Nigel Konstam, and then with the master and painter Vincent Tutton she discovered a new way of paintig: the naturalistic abstract.


With her art Allegra invites you to join hen in a journey through the world of nature and movement. Wind, water and the colours of nature she discovered during her travels in the Hawaii islands  produced in her strong emotions that she always used as an inspiration for her painings.


Allegra's works have always benn an "expression of love and freedom", as they always portrait sensations that go beyond of what is depict.





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